We find the scientific truth

Science is life changing. It’s the all-important ingredient that gives our medical communications the desired impact and reinforces all we believe in. Scientific truths are as important as our company ethos – Health, Happiness and Humanity. Grounding our thinking. Guiding our practices. Generating desirable results.

Truth well told

We meet the needs of healthcare clients and providers through scientific understanding, customer insight, excellence in delivery and dedicated service. We pursue strategic and creative excellence, unearthing the most compelling truths about our clients’ products and conveying them in ways that resonate most.

Finding the truth and making it matter lead to ideas and knowledge that will be believed, embraced and advocated by people in their everyday lives. It is an approach that keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

With science at its heart, our team of dedicated and highly qualified staff leads the way in best practice and quality across the medical communications lead.


Our Connected Community

CMC Connect is proud to be part of IPG Health. Together, we are 6000+ health and wellness specialists across six continents joined by one mission – to help our clients’ brands and businesses play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Our connected community of health and wellness experts extends beyond our talent.

IPG Health is working with governments and non-governmental bodies across the globe in public health and consumer advocacy groups. We are connected to top technology enterprises and start-ups to develop innovative new health solutions and services. And we are continually nurturing relationships with new partners to solve those problems that would stand in the way of health for all.

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