Strategic support to enhance the impact of a real-world evidence (RWE) study


Our client is the sponsor of a non branded RWE study to enhance understanding of respiratory disease and the impact of treatment. They are working with some of the leaders in respiratory on this study and together, they are committed to solving the challenges of respiratory disease. They want to support study investigators and, once the data is evaluated, share the outputs with the wider HCP community.


Real-world evidence is different from clinical studies, especially when it is above brand and encompasses several indications. Understanding the key influencers internally and externally is essential to secure commitment over the long term. Clarity and timely relevance of communication are vital.


We supported our client in generating insights and input from the scientific committee, key affiliates and the internal leaders to determine their understanding and objectives of the study. We unpicked their information needs and gaps in knowledge. We explored the needs of investigators and patients likely to enter the study. With our client, we developed the communications strategy, key objectives and the multichannel plan to address these needs. We ran several workshops to gain alignment and implemented the plan.

We continue to support many communications events and activities, including scientific committee meetings, senior-level internal meetings, investigator communications, exhibitions, congresses, webinars, publications and websites. We engage with the cross-functional team to ensure continued alignment and evolution of the plan as it moves from setting up the study to communicating the results. The value of the dataset is helping to inform disease understanding, and this will be further enhanced by allowing external scientists to suggest analyses or request access to the data to explore new hypotheses. We are supporting every step in the communications process, flexing with agility to meet the changing needs of the study and the audiences.