External expert scientific exchange
LUNG cancer summit 2016–2018


Lung cancer remains an area of high unmet need, but the treatment landscape is now rapidly evolving. New targeted and immuno-oncology treatments developed by our global client have the potential to close this gap – but require education and engagement around diagnosis, prevention and screening.


Healthcare professionals (HCPs) learn best from the clinical experience of experts. Translating science into meaning.


We worked with our clients to engage the faculty, design the agenda and craft an interactive educational offering.

Our focus was on:

- Delivering a robust meeting to build confidence in the use of new treatments
- Facilitating scientific exchange, covering all aspects of diagnostics and treatments
- Focusing on translating high science into clinical practice
- Enabling effective networking and sharing of best practice
- Enabling the development of a consensus statement between the multidisciplinary HCPs, forming a shared vision for the needs in their country
- Letting our client learn from, and gather insights from, HCPs to further progress treatments