Developing an inter-related series of scientific platforms in a rapidly evolving therapy area


Our client was launching two products, which are being used both singly and in combination in multiple cancer types. The data and the environment are rapidly evolving, and the client wanted to ensure that their teams were current in their knowledge and that the scientific messages were communicated consistently by all teams. Our challenge was to prepare core product information and combine it with evidenced messages for each type of cancer.


Time-poor medical and commercial teams working in an evolving environment need relevant vital data to be quickly and readily accessible.


We developed a series of scientific platforms, all using a consistent and easy-to-use format. The format allowed for rapid updates, easy navigation and accelerated access to the evidenced messages.

As the mechanism of action (MoA) is the same in all cases, a differentiation/MoA platform was developed first. This supported all the separate cancer-specific platforms. Each team had access to the differentiation platform and the platform related to their specific cancer type.

We had a consistent medical writing and client service team ensuring all updates were reflected across relevant platforms following data releases, congresses and guideline updates.

The result was a suite of platforms that assists the alignment and consistency of scientific messaging.